You know i knew kaisa was broken, but this is just ridiculous now

last game, played GP. Was a solid game, we did our best but we couldn't win due to just one single champion. And i mean it. Champion. Not the player, no. Just a champion that's too stupid to play against. Teamfight breaks down on tier 2 tower on botlane, Lux lands a beautiful Q on Kaisa, ults her with Kaisa being on 300 hp due to spending heal to survive, perfect for my Q to finish her off. And then it happens. Kaisa ults on me getting entire, and i am not even exaggerating, 2 to 3 thousand health shield for her safety after what she just demolished our team making quadra kill while healing herself ( with just 10% lifesteal ) up to 100% hp in less than 3 seconds. Now, i was just wondering, Riot, are you planning by any chance to nerf kaisa **again** making her shield not an actual new HP bar with more HP on the shield than her maximum health at that current moment? She doesn't one shot anymore due to the nerf but she two shots. You can't kill her solo since she just gets a ridiculous amount of shielding power making her absolutely unkillable no matter i was a five and a half item gangplank with Stormrazor and Zeal. Her shield scalling needs to get nerfed. It's getting beyond stupid that one champion can deal AD, AP and true damage at the same time with the same autoattack.
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