Add option to Block queueing with Premades for us Solo mates (we don't mind longer queues)

Waste of time it seems if I play solo queue anymore. This would be for any type of queue, nice option Checkbox so I don't waste my time against 2-5 people huddled in a Ventrillo or Skype session using third party resources I don't have access too. My account is so old I also notice I may win several games in a row, and then suddenly get matched with teammates who play like they just got their accounts from a friend. Decided to post on this because I think Match maker is using my account as a "keystone" on a team of lesser skilled to somehow balance it out against an enemy team with a premade mixed into it. As of late when I notice the enemy team has several people sporting same clan tags, Ill just wiggle my mouse and afk/hangout near respawn. I may actually owe Riot a thank you, because I actually got a downstairs sink project done that'd been lingering for weeks. :)
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