What has happened to the Mage classes in League? Or the Rise of the Garbage Mages (#Mage2019)

I am asking this seriously. Mages have both been undergoing an existential crisis in 2019. And this has been a creeping and growing problem - not as visible as the marksmen problem. And this is a hint of how bad the balance situation still is in the game. Here's what I mean. Typically, when mages have a role in the meta, it usually comes from AP users in the midlane, using the AP items / runes extremely well. (This is usually a sign of a healthy ecosystem in League - AP being the yin in the yin/yang AP/AD relationship.) But for some reason, the desire to push assassins has led to the rise of "garbage mages". Let's review some of the mages that have done well this year so far: * Lissandra (She had to build aftershock to survive earlier this year, not exactly optimal runes for AP damage but initially it was done to help ensure survival in lane.) * Twisted Fate (When he rose in the meta, it was due to the use of the grasp rune like Lissandra or, as we saw recently, the use of Infinity Edge (???) - #LeagueofIE) * Karma (appeared in the meta due to the use of Kleptomancy and it was not mage Karma, but it was tank Karma) * Brand, Zyra and Morgana (It seems weird to point out that some of the strongest mages the past two seasons have been in the support role? And even then they had to be nerfed because so many players seem to have forgotten about the need to build MR.) * Swain (sure he made a brief appearance - but we had to play a "bruiser" to play a mage? I guess you could make the same argument for the use of Sylas, come to think of it.) * Taliyah (the only reason that she made an appearance in the meta was because an attempt at nerfing her in the midlane to make room for assassins, suddenly made her useful in the jungle) * Vladimir (regarded by many high MMR players as being OP - and this is largely because of a collective forgetting of magic resistance) * Zilean (Kleptomancy Spellthief?) * Karthus (got into the meta - mostly because of Dark Harvest abuse, like Teemo - of all things). I mean seriously - it is looking like these are more like accidental successes rather than any deliberate planning by the balance department. This does not remotely suggest that the ecosystem of the Rift is healthy. Here's hoping that next season looks better.
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