Please revert Lissandra nerfs

r/LissandraMains - Aftershock gone = Liss winrate is now 45.54%
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Lissandra was good because of Aftershock, because she could waveclear efficiently early. But now Aftershock is nerfed to disincentivize mages to run it (indirect nerf to Lissandra). The Dark Seal was already nerfed, which Liss relied on to sustain with corrupting pot if she wanted to expend the mana to waveclear early. Right now she has a 46% percent win rate after all is said and done. The things that made her strong were nerfed and dealt with, yet she is still left with nerfed E damage, nerfed R ratios, and most importantly NERFED Q COOLDOWN. Please shift some power away from her competitive-team-play-reliant passive back to her abilities so that she has more solo queue play potential. Liss mains don't want to play a CC bot, shift some potential back into her abilities so she can see more variety in playstyles.
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