Can we do something about the whole game warping Krug situation?

Ok, so as a multi season diamond jungler at this point I have gotta say: This shit wit da Krugs is OP as fuckin balls. (Dis da TLDR) But lets go ahead and be a little more in depth and analyze the situation and what it may mean for the state of the game. For those of you who are unaware, junglers on the blue team side (bottom) of the map currently have the option to take Red into Krugs and hit level 3 then gank bot lane at 2:30 into the game. I'm pretty sure this is bad for health of the game and I'm going to go ahead and list all the reasons why it's an unfair advantage for the blue side team (which has huge impacts for professional play) as well as why its a bad idea in general to have 2 camps that take less than 45 seconds to clear give that much experience. Only one team can really take advantage of this particular game feature. The way the game is now, only the team on the blue side can take advantage of this for a big early game lead that can snowball way out of control way too fast. The reason only blue side team can really take advantage of this is because of the most recent changes to towers in bot lane and tower first blood. This eliminated the lane swap meta, and really, the possibility of lane swaps in competitive play. This means that the red team won't be able to counteract this opening by lane swapping and doing the same thing on the top half of the map. Doing so would mean they concede first tower and first tower gold in bot lane and the loss of control on that portion of the map has a ripple effect later in the game as the red team has now also lost the ability to control drake very easily as well. The tower changes basically mean that this situation will always be a massive advantage for blue side team as they either secure kills, summoner spells, or a pair of really early objectives on the bottom half of the map that red side team has no ability to counter with strategy or game play. You can't let one team have a clear advantage 2:30 into a match that is so game warping it basically could win them the game before the second wave of minions even reaches the lanes. So lets say the tower changes are reverted and lane swaps are possible again and this opens up the option of strategic counters to this open. Well, you still have a level 3 jungler while every other champions involved in the match is still level 1. This means it will be very easy for this jungler to abuse the level lead. No one is going to like being ganked at level 1 by an enemy that is 2 levels ahead of them. This is just inherently unfun and unfair. We spent most of last season whining about how snowbally games had become this season and how this was a departure from the mission statement you guys at Riot gave us back in seasons 3 and 4 about how such prevalent snowballiness was something you deemed "unhealthy" for the game and a direction you wanted to move away from. Game times are about as short now as the MOST snowbally periods in league history. So why exactly are we making a change, in contradiction of your mission statement, that makes games even MORE snowbally moving forward? I don't think players are going to want this. I play a lot of jungle these days and even I don't want to be able to decide games as quickly and as easily as I am deciding them right now. I didn't like last season how I could basically decide the outcome of a game before 10 minutes. Now I can decide the outcome of the game by minute 3? I don't like this. It's not enjoyable, I don't have fun, I don't feel a sense of achievement for winning in this way, I feel dirty. After I abuse this feature right now I feel like I need to take a shower and wash all the "cheap cheese" off me. Its highly unsatisfying because I don't feel like my abilities were tested. I feel like I cheated on an AP Calculus test. Also, because of just how strong this open is in terms of snowball potential and pressure it means the top side jungler is basically forced to react to a situation regardless of what the opposing jungler is actually doing unless he happens to have vision of them. You're kind of FORCED to start on the bottom half of the map and attempt to react to the inevitable gank a level behind and an ability down. And if they don't gank you STILL have to be on the bottom half of the map because you have to respect the power of this play which means the blue side jungler has free reign to do what ever he wants while you have to baby sit bot lane until the 3 minute mark or later just to make sure you don't auto lose the match to this cheese. Thats a lot of wasted time the blue side jungler will be using to gain a lead on you. Essentially, this whole deal with krugs also gives the blue side jungler a huge head start on the red side jungler. Its really unfair to show favoritism like this and let one half of a matchup have an inherent advantage and lead. It'd be like if you randomly made it so that only the red side team jungler wasn't able to leave fountain until 2 minutes and 30 seconds into the game. What would be the point of that? That's not competitive. That's called fixing a match, that's called rigging a result. Is League supposed to be the 1919 Chicago White Sox? Is the red side jungler Shoe-less Joe? Ok, so we agree, this is a problem. What can we do about it? Well, I've got a couple ideas. We could change the spawn time for krugs on both sides of the map to be later, we could decrease the experience they give, or we could swap the position of krug and gromp for the blue side team. I personally don't think the last option is a good one. Seems silly. Breaks the map symmetry. Don't care for it much. We could decrease the experience. But you just buffed that... so clearly you WANT it to be worth more experience. Seems foolish to me, but whatever. Ok, that leaves us with pushing back the spawn time. This is pretty easy to do, and it would be very effective at solving all these problems. So if I were to recommend a course of action it would be this one. I think Krugs need to spawn some time between 2:15 and 2:30 to give players in the lanes a chance to hit level 2 at least and have a fair chance at not getting slaughtered. I'm ok with level 2 ganks at 2:30. I'm NOT ok with level 3 ganks at 2:30. Anyways, that is this junglers take on this whole deal. What say you community? And what say you Riot?
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