The True Value of Twisted Treeline

As briefly discussed in a disjointed prior post ( The reason we play popular MMO's is fighting, scarcity, the ability emerge from the vast majority through practice/skill/luck. I ask you, where this is ever more present than Twisted Treeline? It's a simplified version of league. If SR were a meal, it would be represented by a burger, and TT a steak. There is so much more of the best parts of league in 3's. _ There are NO lanes. Just tops._ A talented & lucky bruiser of any play style can carry, whether behind or not. After you've settled into the 3's style, 5's can be boring at times. Wait 20-30 minutes for a team fight? It's not for me to judge others' joys. You may do as you wish, but if they were taking away 5's in favor of 3's, I would rally for your cause. Please help us TT'ers with ours! - - - There will be unintended consequences to losing this mode: 1. **Loss of Player Agency:** If you ask any player, what is the biggest problem with solo que? Every answer boils down to the player. Inters, ragers, kids, DC's, or carries that simply get tired and throw. We've all played that game where you had a chance to carry but not truly 1v5. MY POINT: 3's mitigates this issue by -2. You have 2 less inters, 2 less rage quitters, 2 less reasons to lose. More reasons to show your guile, talent, and WIN. Also are you a disenfranchised top? Feel like you can't carry a 5v5 because of a dead bot lane? I'm looking at you Hashinshin ("ALL TOPS ARE QUITTING ALL THE TIME, RIOT WILL NEVER KEEP US"). Go ahead, enjoy the last few minutes of Treelines' life! 2. **Loss of New Demographics:** Think for a brief second, do you remember your first month in league? Year? Do you remember your first team fight? Having a ton of, even bad, players deathbomb is tilting. I have talked to countless youths that quit this game due to it being too hard. Not that TT is less hard, but it takes away factors that are extra cumbersome to the learning process (wards, no help from team early, major CS difference etc)while players are still working on micro and macro playing. The elephant in the room, such as myself, is mature players. Those who are older and vastly underrepresented in the community. These players have a much more difficult time learning, most simply wont try. Riot is closing the door on business. There may have been a moment they thought making TFT was crazy. But they went for it and saw results. There is money to be made here, and new players to culture. We can't all be master/pro out of the gate. 3. **Game Night Loss:** Whatever the reason reason you play with your 2 best friends - whether it be to hang out, connect, fight as one, heck even develop better cohesion at work via a non-work setting - it's much more difficult to find 5 buddies and get them in the same place/page. Building a pro team is a massive undertaking and expense to investors. It's the same for solo que. And think- you and your buddies now have to que in 5's and deal with 2 potential feeders that can cost the nights' joy and take away from you learning and focusing on your OWN mistakes, or group mistakes. 4. **Leisure & Learning Loss:** I don't know if this is expressly a me problem or mature player problem but. What the f*** is happening in televised pro games? It's like getting laid, but you need to pause every 30 seconds because someone is at the door (or the other screen). Half the time I'm watching pro's game is to watch a specific player or the team as a whole, not a camera that is jumping between 50 points. OCD much? One of my favorite things to do is spectate my buddies' 3v3 games - you can see everything! All the time! I had an idea the other day to build an APP to watch pro SR's on a 3 way split screen so you could simply move your eyes to catch the action of a different lane. This would be much more realistic/enjoyable. But maybe this is an older person problem? 5. **Summoner Rift Fatigue Remedy Loss:** - You've just had a 3 game loss streak where you fought your hardest and still lost. QUE 3's! Different enough meta you can shock your senses back into gear, tilted or not. Some will que for TFT, but no thanks. I'd rather do something different that actually helps my mechanics/learning on the champs I need to work on. 6. **Experimental Build or New Main Champion Practice Loss:** What original players note as one of the strongest points of league - the creative use of maps, builds, champs, pathing to win - is best encouraged in TT. Fueled by 850 gold start and quick match timer, you are fighting and using your 'new' build almost instantly. Easy to see if it will work or wont rather than wasting the time of 4 other people in SR and possibly inting. Let's be real, the training tools and bots we face are no place to learn mechanics by rote. Humans learn best in the field. TT is a superior canvas for trial and error. These effect myself and others being a _paying and playing customer_. I am still looking for ideas on how we might collectively show Riot why this is slow bleeding blow to the equity of League of Legends. Focusing on positive or creative solutions only. Also I will post this on every reddit main champ page. Who is ready to fight? (round 1)
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