PETITION: Bring back Morello, someone who ACTUALLY knew what he was doing

I've been around for 8 years on this game and whenever I heard this dude speak in those patch videos, he knew what he was talking about. He was honestly like the mechanic of this game. Had intelligent answers to everything and even when he didn't like what the community posted at times, he was STILL HERE FOR US. I remember back on the original forums, when people wanted damage as supports, he was against the idea at first, but still communicated with us. Funny how right as he left, the classic "Things went downhill as soon as X person left the Y company" very typical. Same shit happened with Diablo 3 as well. Bring the man back and get rid of the below average IQ monkeys at HQ. Edit: meant to say sucked instead of "ducked" auto correct....ffs League before: League now: Edit: Here's a video back in the day, which shows the significance of "_he knew what he was talking about" _ Update: Tweeted on Morello's twitter: Morello back in the day famously replying to the _"Irelia is a bad design" _ posts with nothing but straight forward and intelligent responses. Unfortunately, this also highlights the problem with today's responses. They aren't at the level they need to be: Heres an example of some players back in the day quitting. The difference was, you ACTUALLY had a RED (regardless of who it was) come in and show he **CARED** enough for the fanbase: Below was another post by Morello, responding to a similar subtopic (which relates to our problem today) which CLEARLY indicated that _"Anything that makes a game harder makes it more competitive, and therefore, better."_ was complete BS. Ironic. Source:
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