Mordekaiser is basically a gameshark

{{champion:82}} used to be balanced because he was a hard to fight AP tank but lacked CC or range. Now this AP/Tank/ranged assassin can pull people from a {{champion:101}} Q distance away, follow up immediately with his Q, assassinate anyone at the click of an R which forces the enemy team to build a {{item:3140}} which disrupts most early/mid game builds and even if you build a {{item:3222}} you can't use it to help your teammate, and is impossible to single out in team battles because he's rewarded for existing with face shredding passive damage and a shield he can pop or use to heal himself. Also no mana requirement so this safe, unfightable champ can just keep spamming pull/smash to his hearts content. I've looked up on what champs counter him and their suggestions are laughable. All too often I see teams with 50+ kills and {{champion:82}} literally has more than half of them and the only reason the others have kills is because they can pick off kills in the wake of death this champion leaves behind him.

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