Qiyana is following Akali's design, and this is a BAD IDEA

an assassin's kit is a kit with high cd and high burst, not the fucking opposite assassins are not skirmishers riot, why didn't you understand that? Akali having almost no cooldown, high DPS, low one-shot potential made her more a problem than it solved, her design makes it hard to balance her because if her burst is low then she needs reliable tools to survive like the smokescreen that shits on bruisers who usually have 0 aoe damage. It makes her go for runes like conqueror and duel bruisers rather than diving the backline to assassinate importante targets. why i'm talking about this? because qyiana is just like akali, she doesn't have 100-0 power but can refresh Q cd, can refresh passive cd, and gets attack speed and on hit damage, are you serious? ASSASSINS ARE NOT CARRIES WHAT ARE YOU DOING. {{champion:91}} if talon goes in, and kills someone he's done for. he did his job and won't do anything anymore for like 10 sec, and even then he's just going to add some damage for his team. this is how assassins should work.
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