Riot Please Make An ASSASSIN META

Hey Everyone, I just wanted to say that we need an assassin meta. For the current and last season we had a top lane meta, bot lane meta, jungle meta, but we never had a true mid lane meta. When I mean mid lane, I mean like fizz vs zed or like LeBlanc vs Talon matcups in lcs. Right now tanks are overpowered, as all assassins build sunfires cape or iceborn gauntlet. The adc's had a huge time right now, the tanks get buffed, and right now we should transition to the meta of a solo carry one. A assassin should be rewarded for snowballing and not treated like a sitting duck in the 30 minute mark because of the massive tank and defensive options people now have. We need DFG or some assassin related item to make assassins great again. I want more outplays, more reward for pure mechanical skill. Regards, Unitydownload
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