"You're an assassin, you don't build Maw wtf"

Teammate told me this the other day I almost smashed my face through my own monitor... Why would a pyke support ever build a maw vs a double AP bot lane with AP jungle? Funny part was our lane was 6-2 (me 4-1) when he said it and his (mid) was.. 1-5. The worst part about this is, people really do have this mindset in silver elo, and it's REALLY concerning. "Don't ever build a defensive/damage-defense item vs champs that can 1 shot you and snowball, don't ever build for the lane, don't ever get merc scim, or tanky when behind, etc etc... just keep spamming damage, the same exact items and build order as ever" Never seen a Zed or Talon build hexdrinker vs an ap burst mid too right? It's even worse when the adc refuses to build hexdrinker vs say brand and vel'koz, and then hyper feeds their asses off and the response is "it's only cus I don't have enough damage!!"
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