Weekly reminder that Riot removed ARAM bans because ARAM account users weren't happy about it

Yup, I'll start now and I'll continue doing these until Riot brings back the best addition ARAM ever got. Sooooooo yeah, let's all remember how ARAM bans, even if they brought more balance and fun to the gamemode, got removed even through a vast majority of observable feedback being in their favor before they were introduced, while and even after. But they did confirm that they considered community feedback to make this decision. Hmmmm I wonder what kind of persons would dislike a new mechanic introduced to counter a certain kind of persons from abusing the gamemode...hmmmm, oh wait... Edit: Some of you people are actually thinking that Riot might consider losing a ton of money by making all champions unlocked in ARAM. Little spoiler, they've been reticient to do so for years, I highly doubt they'd even consider this over reimplanting a mechanic that was already added before and that was unrightfully removed.
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