Sylas might be the biggest balance nightmare in the history of League

Forget Azir, Kalista, and any other previous balance nightmare. Sylas will trump them all, many times over. Over 140 ultimates, ON ONE CHAMP. How do you possibly balance that? Some of these ults will be incredibly powerful on top of the rest of his overloaded kit. Earlier I seen a barely fed Sylas one shot 3 people in one go, with a full ap Malphite ult comboed with his own insane burst. Now the point i’m trying to make, is the difference between a Malphite ult and Sylas using a Malphite ult, is that Malphite doesn’t have anywhere near as much follow up damage/burst to follow it up with so he generally doesn’t one shot people unless he’s really ahead. This doesn’t apply to Sylas, he can use Malphite ult with plenty of follow up burst, basically breaking the fundamental rules of Malphite’s kit, a champ with barely any follow up burst outside his ult, because his ult is so damn powerful. Sylas throws that rule out the window, and he will do that with many many other champion’s ultimates. Not to mention his ult cooldown is 9 seconds at rank 3!! and the rest of his kit is so damn overloaded, he is extremely mobile, with two dashes, has INSANE healing/shielding, an execute, and incredible amounts of aoe/burst
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