Riot we have a major problem

They're called bots. Bots are invading this game in masses, I've reported more bots in lol than I've done in WoW or Silk Road Online. There's probably a Rito employee who's leaking out Riot's sekreet C++ codes, or Riot themselves are collaborating with bots. This started right around when that Blizzard phd lobster dude joined Riot, I wouldn't be surprised if he's somehow connected. It's no fun playing with or against bots, all they do is feed for the first 10 min, and will either DC for the rest of the game, or continue to feed. Sometimes it's duo bot team on both team who follow the same script, what are the odds that two real players will be so bad they feed 0/10/0 and then dc at the same time in more than 20 games in a row? 0% Alpha le alpha le male le out![/img]
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