If SILVERS cannot Duo with PLATINUMS, WHY are they queued AGAINST ONE OTHER?

Match-Maker becomes a Joke late-night. I prefer to wait 5 minutes for a fair match than 2 minutes for a totally unfair one. Silvers cannot duo with Platinums since it would cause an unbalanced match. But they can play against one other anyway. Obviously, Silver 3 twitch made the poorest performance and Plat 4 kai'sa carried. EDIT: THIS IS A RANKED GAME. https://imgur.com/CRkMlq1 You cannot expose other people nicknames on boards while talking about their bad performance, as i'm doing w/ twitch. It always ends up in your topic being deleted. EDIT2: Those percentages are not the winrated. j4 does not have a 80% rank winrate, it's just his kda. 6+14/6+14+3 = 80%.
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