fuck riot games

i have a game with jhin ...i main jhin lvl 6 with 2 mastery 7 tokens thats mean that i need one more for lvl 7 ..so i hade game with 24 / 2/ 16 and 250+ cs and in my team i have amumu and lux they she was like 12 somthing and amumu 7 somthing and amumu got afk in the end of the game and i did a quadra btw and i got a+ ....like wtffffffffffffffffff wtf this game i played 100 game to try getting s on jhin and they fucked me ...but this gamne it have to be s like com onnnnnn i did every thing...i take towers i have 16 assissts i hyave 24 kilsssssss and i got a + i quiot league for that thing i wish every body quit this fucking game ...riot games i want you to give my account a free mastert 7 on jhin or i quit for real like com onnnnnn riot ....
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