@Riot-Ranked Champion Select Suggestion

(Sorry for long post) Currently, people in ranked champion select can completely troll everyone and get away with it, and there is absolutely no way to escape the situation other than dodging and losing lp or playing the game 4v5. This is a frequent occurrence that has been talked about in many posts, but nothing has been done about the situation. There have been many posts about how to fix this, and two solutions really stuck out to me. The first of the two solutions is you get a free dodge after a certain amount of ranked games played. Although it is still possible to be matched with a troll you will have the opportunity to escape them every once and a while . Some people say that this system could be abused by people who got out picked by the enemy team, and that would cause ranked games to take longer to start. However, this would still be better than the alternative. Think of it as the lesser of two evils in what is ranked champion select. A second solution would be a vote to dodge. This could be similar to surrender vote in champion select by making it so when four people vote to dodge the champion select would end. This solution usually gets countered by the same points as the last one, but it would take 4 out of 5 of the people willing to dodge for it to end, and that is much less likely of happening than one person abusing the system. Also, you could give a SMALL compensation to the other team (very small) with a notice informing them of what has happened and putting them back in que. Ovbiously, the team that voted to dodge would be put out of que. This vote could be an extra button that could be directly below the bar that says "It is YOUR turn to PICK." and it would notify your team that you want to dodge. These two solutions have already been talked about but needed to be brought up again, as no action has been taken to stop the trolling in ranked champion select. Riot, please at least try to fix this, because it makes ranked unplayable for many players. It doesn't have to be one of the two solutions mentioned above, just please fix it. Like if you agree
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