@Riot, Will Karthus ever be looked at?

I hardly see him played anymore save for the Diehard Karthus fans, (myself included lol) and I'm wondering if it's because people think he's U.P. Now I'm not saying he should be buffed or anything, (though perhaps a buff to his E and Passive would be appreciated) but I'm curious as to what Riot thinks as to why Karthus is not nearly as played as other mids. Now, I don't remember much, but apparently he's showing up once or twice in LCS which means hopefully Karthus might be seeing some action by the general player now. I'm just saying that the last time we saw Karthus in the Patch notes was about a couple months ago regarding a bug fix. At least give the poor guy a skin LOL. Poor guy hasn't had once since last year before Worlds. {{item:3070}}{{champion:30}}
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