Warmogs replacement for ARAM

I understand that warmogs does not create healthy or interesting gameplay, But it is the only way to deal with poke for tanky champions. If sustain does not belong into ARAM then lifesteal vs minions needs to be removed too. The Meta of Aram isn't even decided by Warmogs but by poke Where I made intersting rune-decisions previously, I now have to optimize my runes to survive poke on almost all tanks/tanky champs and this results in almost the same runes played all the time. It really feels bad and boring to play some chmps in ARAM now. There are different Ideas out there what kind of Item could replace warmogs: * a warmogs that only heals up to a certain percent of your health, so if you healed back up you are easier to kill * a warmogs that heals missing health, so you can get into the fight quickly at low-ish health, but it takes way longer to heal full * something to collect from minions like essence/souls/whatever so you can heal, but enemies can contest it (similar to the pros and cons of lifesteal)
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