Eve, Is she poorly designed?

So, I really like playing Eve - I love how obnoxious her character is, I like her concept (stealthy), and her ult is fun to use. That being said, I feel like her kit is really, really badly designed when compared to other champions. I think my main gripe, which pertains to her lower levels, is that she literally cannot defend herself, let alone kill someone, if she encounters another champion. (Ganking before level 6 is a joke). Yet, when she is well-geared, she one shots everything with her e. What is perplexing is the fact that her ult requires enemies to reach a certain health threshold, yet she is not really capable of reaching that threshold herself; even if she surprises the enemy and activates her charm. (If I am Nocturne and I surprise the enemy, they are very dead - easily). I know I comparing apples to oranges, but I think about champions like Zed and Katarina, also assassins, and they can pull off their kills much easier, which, to me, means more efficiently and more reliably. To pull off early kills, Evelynn needs to use her charm. Yet, Evelynn's charm is very clunky and super underwhelming considering all of the strings attached to it. Nevertheless, her entire kit is based around an ability that alerts people to where she is stealthed. (Her stealth has a GIANT detection radius already...) All Zed needs to do is hit his ranged abilities, proc an electrocute and activate the ult. Katarina is similarly simple. As Nocturne, my preferred jungler, I merely need to land my q for the fun to begin; his ult works too ; ) ). Rengar, too, is a more efficient killer. I feel like they need to make her more than a Jungle-only champion - I feel like the fact that her abilities RESET on jungle monsters is an admission that her damage is stupidly low at lower levels. Perhaps she is over taxed because of the perma stealth? Maybe because her ult is an AOE? (Yet, it is not an execute, which is dumb). I don't know. I just think she is a lousy champion with an enough charisma to compensate. She is just too unreliable. (I know I am going to get flamed hard, because Eve can be good - I just feel like to be good with Eve, a player needs to expend 100 times the effort to be as effective as analogous champions).
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