A possible update for summoner spell ?

http://pm1.narvii.com/5792/6c712e17e186ab9903a6281f352ca3a6cb23619f_hq.jpg Hello, I wanted to know why there is so little diversity regarding the choice of summoner spells ? The most used is flash {{summoner:4}} (98% of cases) because it has no real competitor. The Ghost {{summoner:6}} is clearly below but I think it is precisely for that players do not take both those who give them too much to escape so why not make out we can not take two in the giving an additional boost to Ghost ? My personal suggestion would be this: 1) The summoner spells limited to 1 copy (Spells based on escape) {{summoner:4}} Unchanged {{summoner:6}} Increased movement speed to 40% for 6 seconds {{summoner:1}} In addition to the current effects that gives it increases movement speed by 20% for 3 seconds 2) The rest of summoner spells {{summoner:12}} Unchanged {{summoner:11}} Unchanged {{summoner:14}} Unchanged {{summoner:3}} Unchanged {{summoner:7}} 30% bonus movement Speed for 1 second is removed {{summoner:21}} The duration of the shield increases of 2 to 4 seconds
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