PSA: You were once a "newb" too.

Just a quick messege to all you people who think that they are a master of this game. A messege to all of you who tell someone to uninstall if they underperform once. Remember that nobody learned how to play this game from the first time. And nobody can play absolutely every champion to perfection. So next time you see someone making mistakes, give them a helping hand. Give them a tip, a piece of friendly advice on how to position/ what to build. Don't be that arrogant person who thinks they are the best at this game. Negativity will get you nowhere. Remember, it's alright to lose. We all have bad games. And also, never ever EVER tell someone to contract a certain life threatening illness. If you think a person deserves death because they do not play this video game according to your standarts, well, i suggest you re-evaluate yourself. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} {{champion:427}} _May the sun warm all of your days._ _**Almighty.**_
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