Autofill feels like a lose-lose situation in ranked queues.

Let me start this off by saying this, I understand why Riot implemented the autofill system. They wanted to shorten queue times and push players to play other roles, and overall I think it can be a good thing, but in ranked it is by far the most frustrating thing to have happen to you during your climb. I have zero reason to play out an autofilled game as my chances at winning are gonna be slimmer as I'm going to be forced into a role I don't wish to play. Yes, I, and most other people, have champions they can play in multiple roles, but when a mid laner on your team effectively steals our position and then feeds why do I have to get the same amount of LP loss? Losing a good portion of the LP I grind for due to something like that is beyond irritating and I think i'm just gonna take the 5 minute dodge timer and like 3 LP for the dodge when I get autofilled from now on. Until there is a reason for me to play an autofill game, such as losing less LP for a loss or even just gaining a little bit more than I really don't see a point in bothering with it.
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