Revert Soraka

Revert old Soraka W please, riot. As a soraka main, her gameplay is so boring. She can be op in certain fights. But sometimes if your carry isn’t doing good, well, your lane phase will suck. She’s basically a heal bot/slave nothing else. Reverting her current W isn’t actually going to be op again, in my perspective, just like in early state of this game. The only thing that makes her “op” back then was, she can cast it on minions with banner of command (which you guys removed) and push lane hard while spamming her old starcall with her old silence. ~OH, and I have this one bright idea for potentially Soraka mini ultimate adjustment/rework. Instead of Soraka instant burst heal her teammates, Soraka will cast her Prayer/Rejuvenation/Wish(name for the ultimate) for 3/4/5 seconds while healing her teammates for 100/130/150 per second she cast it plus %ap. It can be interrupted with silence, knock up, stun, push, pull, upon walking in any direction or death.
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