Is Minions block getting worse for anyone else?

Before the preseason started, it seemed I could go several games (sometimes several days) without getting blocked by minions. Sure, they would slow me down sometimes, but they almost never stopped me from moving. Now, it is at *least* once a game I get blocked by minions. One example is I was using Evelynn, and I try to gank top lane and kill the enemy Nasus (who had low health, but was trying to get in a couple more stacks), but he change directions at the last moments, and my minions followed him. Normally this would not be a problem, except my own minions had now surrounded me, and held me completely still, giving him time to Q me *twice* before I was finally able to move again (and before anyone says it, no he did not wither me). Thankfully our Gnar had just returned top and managed to save me, but that was one of the most annoying moments I have experienced this preseason.
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