People are begging for Yasuo nerfs, but they don't realize something

Before starting, I hate Yasuo with a passion, as much as all of you do. This champion should be reworked and should have never been created to begin with With that said - People are saying that Yasuo should be nerfed, but they don't realize something. He is already being nerfed; the crit changes will be overall negative to him. Think that way: * Crit items are being made more expensive. This means Yasuo will take longer to powerspike. * Currently, Yasuo can get 100% crit chance with one and a half completed item: {{item:3046}} (or {{item:3087}}) + {{item:1018}}. With the crit changes, this will be no longer possible, as not only {{item:1018}} is being removed, but Yasuo will now only have two ways to get 100% crit chance. Either he needs to complete {{item:3031}} or he needs to buy a second AS + crit item. The first solution will make him powerspike way later (as he should be doing). The second solution will make him do less damage overall (you need AD to make all this AS and crit worth more). * While {{item:3031}} will allow him to do more true damage, this item lost the crit damage increase. Yasuo already deals less damage with his crits than other champions. This means he will do even less damage now. The fact that he gets to do more true damage will mean little when Yasuo can use Conqueror and already gets bonus armor penetration with his ult. Unless it is against an heavy armored enemy, of course. I don't expect those changes to make Yasuo less frustrating to play against (especially during the early game where even with 0% crit chance, he is bullshit to face during the first few levels) but it will at least make Yasuo come online later, which is good. A champion like him should never be allowed to be strong at every point of game (that is one of the current problems with Yasuo, there isn't really a point where he is weak, he is strong early, becomes strong mid due to 100% crit chance, and becomes strong late due to shredding everyone). To be honest I still think Yasuo should be reworked. He is just a poorly designed champion. It is not just because he is bullshit to play against, everything about him is wrong. He gets free stats, invalidates certain champions, his W can block even many ultimates, his mobility is terrible to deal with early. And to make matters worse, gameplay aside, he is extremely infamous. People have prejudice against Yasuo players. The only one having fun is the Yasuo player himself; enemies hate facing him, whereas allies hate having an Yasuo on their team, as there is a very high chance that Yasuo will do poorly. He has a very high skill cap, yet he is one of the most popular champions in the game. He absolutely needs direct changes to his kit. Which changes, I don't know. But at least those indirect changes shall bring him in line with other champions.
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