Ranked Still Matters

Just have to vent at the mindlessness of a majority of summoners. I keep reading posts, hearing from friends, or seeing people chat in game about how "season is over so ranked doesn't matter anymore." They then use this as an excuse to play a really bad lane matchup, not try in ranked, or even down right troll a game. So, want to break it down to people, and please tell a friend. RANKED STILL MATTERS. I am sure 100% of the people saying it are going to whine and complain next season about being started an entire rank, or two in the trolls case, below where they left off and flame Riot for this, flame their team, and complain about having to always solo carry. I have news for everyone who is too incompetent to have figure out how League works. Your starting rank, next season, depends entirely upon what your rank is at the ending of preseason. You WILL NOT get placed higher then what you left off. It is a soft reset, meaning you will start a good bit lower and be forced to have to climb again, just to get back to where you left off. (They did this last season as well, even had a huge announcement about it.) This means even if you go 10/10 in your placements, though you ended Gold 1, you will likely still be starting in Silver, just high Silver instead of low Silver. Plat in Gold, Diamond in Plat, etc. In closing, next time you want to troll, pick something incredibly dumb, or "try out" new champs in RANKED, just remember when you have to climb out of Bronze or Silver, it was completely and undeniably your own damn fault. Sincerely, Fed Up With It

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