Galio is a mess of a rework

Fantasy says "anti-mage Warden" Mechanics say "anti-fighter stunbot" Numbers say "full AP nuke machine" How could anyone have been fooled into believing this rework was an improvement? Were you so impressed by his flashy spells that you didn't see how disgustingly all-encompassing his kit is? I highly doubt that this version of Galio can ever be balanced and he never _has_ been balanced for almost 2 years now; if he's good in soloQ then he's a problem in competitive, and if he's bad in competitive then he's a troll pick in soloQ. A tank who stat-checks mages in the mid lane with passive bonus magic HP and then goes on to be a hard counter to any and all melee aggression in a 10 mile radius around him is ridiculous, and we've seen time and time again that any attempt to make him reasonable just makes him broken. **Especially** when Riot makes the mistake of giving him more damage. If we can't get another rework can we finally put this atrocious new Galio on the shelf where he belongs?
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