How do you deal with a jungler who doesn't gank?

I was playing Ziggs mid in ranked against an Anivia. I knew I would eventually start to be zoned really hard, so I asked for ganks from our Udyr jungler. It's around 15minutes in and he hasn't ganked at all. I've been ganked by the enemy Lee and died 2 or 3 times. I tried roaming bot but they refused to engage so I couldn't do anything there. The entire enemy team was fed and they just snowballed from there. I'm not asking for tips on how to beat Anivia mid. Yes I'm salty, but I'm asking for advice. I'm asking for tips on how to deal with a lane I know I can't win, when I can't roam and the jungler won't gank. Should I sit under my turret and do nothing at all and hope for the best?
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