I was going to complain about constantly getting 1st/2nd pick as a top laner, but then I realized

Why don't you balance the lane so that the lane isn't legitimately won or lost in champ select. The fact that this occurs, and it occurs so divisively, is a pretty bad look for the balance team. The reality is that you've created so many poorly designed champions that I don't think there is really any turning back. If you first pick a melee and someone wants to play Jayce, Kennen, Vlad, Ryze, Illaoi, Darius, Irelia, Tahm Kench, or any of the other million poorly designed garbage designs that can't really function elsewhere so they get forced into top, then you get to enjoy being absolutely destroyed in lane with little consequence because it is almost never in the best interest of your jungler to save a lost top lane. So who knows? Does anyone have any suggestions on what could fix some of this, because I don't even know anymore.

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