I hate new Cass

I really really really enjoyed old cass. She was my second most played champion next to {{champion:432}}, and I had really high hopes for this rework but it just really missed the mark. I don't know what it is, but she is just so unfun now. Before she was really rewarding and the punishment of misclicking an e was great, it made her challenging and when you killed someone you felt good. Now she just feels so... blah. My posions still feel meaningless besides empowering my e, q feels super short, w cast is wonky feeling, my e's feel slow, I can't refund mana make to the capacity I could before, her sustain is completely sucked out, and not being able to buy boots is such an annoyance early game when I JUST want to spend that 300 gold I have. Also, I know know know that her old passive was a gating mechanic and was NOT A GOOD PASSIVE, but once I got experienced as Cass it gave me a really good goal when playing her, and building stacks felt really rewarding and impactful. Her new passive also feels limiting to me (not being able to buy boots), but there is nothing I can actively do to help it other than wait. I don't know, maybe all my complaints are invalid but she seems so much more... blah now. In other news, I have officially made my first QQ thread on the boards! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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