Can we please stop creating overloaded champs?

Like seriously can we take a breather? Every new champion that comes out is some overloaded and overtuned champ with passives for their passives and 5 ways they can break the laws of the game all in the name of "innovation" and "freshness." Well it's getting to the point where I see it ad nauseam and it's breaking the game. When can we go back to champs like darius or syndra who have a rather basic kit in comparison these days, but they still have a niche because somethin in their kit is central to their gameplay and identity. This new champ aphelios or whatever is arguably more overloaded than kaisa. Then i look at older champs like garen and think where did we go wrong. Overloaded champs do not equal innovation, nor "fun" for that matter. It's a nightmare to balance and play against these champs. Look at champs like: Vayne: Her kit revolves around basic attacks, 3 to be exact, and her skills are designed to give her an advantage around it. Syndra: Her kit revolves around her orbs, where her skills can manipulate what exactly they do. Darius: His kit revolves around his bleed, where his skills are enhanced based on how much bleed a target has. Karma: Her kit revolves around her mantra, where which skill mantra is used on can create a specific outcome Sona: Her kit revolves around her power chord, where a specific chord can be used for different situations These champs have exploitable weaknesses Then look at these new champs Kaisa: Her kit is get in, auto a billion times plus Q, but she can go AD or AP and she can evolve her skills, not to mention she can kite for free with her movement/invisi and aa speed. Where's the central gameplay element? Quiana: Her kit is based off of where she is, but each one has a significantly different effect and hard to keep track of. A central element is there but each one compensates for the other's weakness. Aphelios: Has like 6 guns and can compensate for his weaknesses. Turns into jinx at close range and nid at long range. Central idea is there but it's impossible to win because he can easily adapt to the situation. These champs more or less of very little exploitable weaknesses. And there's more, but to a lesser extent. The new Irelia, Yasuo, Akali, etc So can we stop making ridiculously overtuned champs? I predict the next champ will be able to execute a turret just by looking at it or freeze time or something. And then instead, focus on less overloaded champs who still have unique niches. I'm not saying they can't have cool skills that are different. Janna can shield turrets. She's the only one who can do that. But when it's done one after the other again and again it get's tiring and it's killing off older champions. But some will say "oh that's why you just rework older champs." First of all, that's done for champs who's identity and kit causes them to be severely underplayed or unhealthy, either to themselves or to the game. Tearing down good champion designs in favor of new gizmos and such is wasteful. I'm not saying every old champ had THE best kit design. In fact that's why they reworked some of the older ones like Karma and Kayle and Swain. IMO, the best time for champs ended at Lissandra. Champions after she came out, it started to go downhill slowly with champs having more and more "niches."
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