Not placing wards as support should be reportable

Had a support last night refuse to buy a sigh stone. I see they had 5...... 5!!!!!!! wards placed the entire game with 0 control wards. As a mid laner I had 17 wards placed along with 2 control wards. Not going to pretend my ward placements were perfect ..... but at least I was trying. Didn't help the kid gave up because "we were going to lose" so basically just ran around being afk. Don't even remember what they said when I asked them to buy a sight stone. The dumbest part..... somehow their silver 4... which I realize is super low elo but like..... that's what around the 50% mark at end of season for players right? Honestly... this not my main account and I know it's bronze so I just assumed he was bronze like 4 and was shocked to see when he was a higher rank than my account. Like.... if you saw this kid play it would make you question so many things. And on top of that.... not only did they not ward... they tried to continuously surrender, hardly used abilities and was just toxic. We could have won the game if it wasn't a 4v5 every fight. I was having fun killing 2-3 players each fight but team was behind... discouraged.. and out classed so it didn't matter. I know a better player would have carried 1v5 but I tried lol. Still learning that {{champion:38}}. PSA: I DON'T CARE IF YOUR FILL OR MAIN SUPPORT IF YOU ARE SUPPORT BUY A SIGHT STONE. ITS NOT AN OPTION BECAUSE IT'S LITERALLY BRAINLESS TO NOT BUY ONE. YOUR NOT BREAKING THE META... YOUR JUST AN IDIOT. -End rant.
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