I feel bad for Zed mains

As a former adc main I usually didn't pity Zed mains despite him often being weak in the meta. But when a full tank, zero damage {{champion:31}} outbursts a full damage, no defensive item {{champion:238}} , I can't help myself but to feel bad for them. But hay I'm no professional balancer like meddler. Apparently chogath is a healthy, fair champ and it's Shyvana the champ that has been dead for the last 50 years that got a little buff that is overpowered and should be nerfed not the full tank that 1 shots ANYONE. Legit all I see in my elo (diamond) are cinderhulk, stone plate, locket, abusers. Warwick can solo drag level three while Shyvana needs at least a smite upgrade because her passive that is meant to destroy drags sucks. I just sometimes don't understand how people can defend chogath at this stage, especially meddler :( {{item:3070}} sorry I got a little tilted when my Zed couldn't burst down the enemy adc and the cho activated RG and 1 shot me xd
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