For the love of god, PLEASE make bruisers playable before you think about nerfing GP.

So if you dont know, gp has just hit #1 winrate for top lane on opgg The moment i saw this i got quite a bit anxious given riot's history of balancing (or more accurately failure to balance) top lane. I am seriously worried that riot will pull the old trick of nerfing gp directly, buffing bruisers, his natural counter as they are in a horrible state, and then leaving him to rot for 2 seasons at least before they remember he exists. It's happened to Sej, it's happened to Darius, and a bunch of other champs that im sure im missing. The point is, if any rioter reads this. Please, please PLEASE, buff bruisers back up to some semblance of viability before you consider nerfing gp directly. Historically bruisers have been gp's hardest matchups as they have the damage and mobility to pressure gp off of his farm, but now they basically can't be picked or else ornn/shen/teemo/jayce/gnar will keep them at 0 cs for the whole game (Exaggeration ik but you get the idea). Making bruisers viable may be all gp needs to be brought back into line, so please start with that before you force gp back into the "hug tower all game and pray to god you can hit 13 before the game s decided" playstyle. That wasnt fun for either the gp or the lane opponent.
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