The Domino Effect.

Gentleman, today I introduce you to the domino effect. Be me. Playing a game of ranked. I'm trying to carry myself through low elo with my Azir mid. 30 seconds pass and our support is roaming their jungle. First blood. Now the jungler is ahead and clears in no time. Then they start to camp mid and before I can blink my eye they're 6-0. The team starts to display anger and rage at me for "feeding the jungler". Their gameplay becomes noticeably more aggresive and before I know it these autists are 0-12. And guess who they blame? I have to remind them who gave them first blood. It does not matter and only agitates them more. By now we're 30 minutes into the game and the entire enemy team is fed. The top lane was the only one doing well but rage quit because the team was 50 points behind at this time. Now, logically one would surrednder at 20. No. The vote lost 1 to 3. Reason being is that they believe they had a choice. After countless messages explaining that the catalyst for their sucess was the support giving first blood at this point they just started inting. I am beyond words in my disappointment in the community and honestly saddened that they don't realize the result of their actions. End. Domino Effect.
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