Had my worst experience in league today

I load into the last game of my promos. My mid laner is hovering Yasuo and our jg bans it. An argument in chat happens over this and to be honest I did not read it. If it was not my last promo I would have dodged. The yi as soon the game starts says your welcome for the - lp. He stands dead center mid feeds a kill, runs back does it again, The support fiddle took his blue because yi is trolling. Made things even worse as then yi came bot and fed two kills. Yi goes top and does the same thing. Yi made clear decisions and threw fights on purpose for the sole reason that he could. He was just another smurf that ruined another game. What really ruined the whole game for me was the enemy mid laner. As soon as it was five minutes in the guy starts begging in all chat for us to open and just ff. Says he deserved the win the yi was giving them since he was trolled a game earlier. I was disgusted the guy was more focused on trying to get us to just stop playing rather than just play. It was not a competitive game of league of legends it was a joke. The vel was not playing to get better or playing to win. The vel was more toxic than the yi as he afkd and all chatted he was going to make lunch. he did. In post-game chat, he harassed and bragged about the win. If yi even played seriously for five minutes we would have won the game. I am tired of having my time wasted and ruined by one person. Solo/duo is supposed to be the competitive mode of league but it is more of a gamble than anything. I will happily lose any game where my whole team tried. Whereas I'm sick and tired of one person ruining the whole gameplay experience because they think they're more important. I am done being harassed and tormented by my own teammates. I was cheated out of a promo game today and there is nothing that will be done. I am being cheated out of games. My time is being wasted. I have no impact in the game when a single feeder makes it impossible to win. I want change, I want to be able to play a game of league that is not going to be sabotaged by people that are supposed to help me win. It is not the lack of balance and the overloaded damage that ruins league for people but the players and the lack of care from riot. When everyone treats it like a joke, laughs at it like a joke, thinks it a joke, It is a joke. Ranked in a nutshell this season. 4/26 update. Had three people rage quit today three different games happening too much for ranked to be fair. 4/27 update First game of the day a guy locks in thresh top and the support goes kogmaw and says I'm tired of trolls and doesnt do anything but sit in jg and refuses to play.

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