In what Situation would you pick Kayle over other Toplane Champions?

I'm pretty curious about this. :x Isn't it kinda boring getting babysitted until the minute you get your fully ranged attacks? If you play solo it also must be really frustrating if you don't get some ganks from your jungler? From the other perspective it must be really annoying to gank a kayle lane? I mean if you jump into that lane to attack a tank or some brusier, what is kayle actually doing in this fight? Flying slowly after them and hope to get a assist? To me this seems pretty random and based on luck i dunno :x? Had a game right now where i got bullied by a garen under tower until i hit lvl 11 and stomped his ass afterwards. Is this really how we should play kayle, wait for lvl 11 farm as good as possible and after 20 minutes right click to victory? I mean pre-rework she wasn't very different, but she was able to hold a lane solo? How is Kayle in other lanes? Would she play better as support or even jungler? Are we really forced to build klepto just to sustain and everything else is bullshit? Honestly i can't figure out how she is played efficiently. Helps
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