The sorcery tree is not even horrible, it's beyond than that

Every single game there is AT BEST one or two champs going sorcery secondary. Nobody except enchanters goes for sorcery primary it's so trash, but I can't even say that it's trash because even trash is better than this tree. Aery: Underwhelming damage since they nerfed the damage 3 times, good if you want to shield people moral of the story: only good on enchanters Comet: only good on champions who poke, if you're not a poking champions it's absolute trash and has 0 synergy with you compared to other keystones on other champions Phase rush: Good rune, no comment Manaflow band: Good rune, but if you're manaless you can't take it Nimbus cloack: Only good on a set of champions, either you abuse the shit out of it or it's garbage and pointless Nullifying orb: garbage Celerity: HAHAHAHA, WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT? It's the most useless shit I've ever seen it's the most terribly thought rune, it doesn't interact with items, only on champions's abilities. But it gives you 10% more movement speed on your movement speed steroid but if you already have too much movement speed YOU DON'T NEED EVEN MORE OF IT especially since you're going to have the soft cap of movement speed. Absolute Focus: was broken, and now it's trash Transcendance: good rune overall, except if you're a champion who doesn't build CDR. the cdr-->ad/ap converstion is garbage, and most of the time you dodn't use it unless you troll build, so you lose half of the rune's effect. waterwalking (I don't even remember the name): only good if you're a jungler scorch: garbage Gstorm : good rune if you want to scale, terrible if you're a champion who absolutely don't care about late game. MORAL OF THE STORY The sorcery tree tilts me so hard, because it contains so much garbage runes, and so much runes that are only good on a certain set of champions And I hope that Riot will take action soon.
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