Suggestions for Yasuo Changes

Tl;dr a discussion of possible Yasuo changes. Yasuo has been super frustrating to deal with for as long as I've played League. Most people would say since his release. This thread is devoted to ideas that could help with that without actually dumpstering him. First thought: make windwall move. Make it move away from Yasuo at a decent clip such that it is no longer a static wall that requires little thought to use and denies agency to his enemies, but instead the Yasuo player has to think about when and how to use it. It would mean that walking through the windwall suddenly becomes a more viable counter play option. As a downside if you want to kite Yasuo a moving windwall helps him (so I would actually suggest it move faster rather than slower to shorten the window of frustration). Second thought: make windwall able to be cancelled by an enemy champion moving through the model. This would open up counter play to windwall in a different way and again require the Yasuo to think about when and where he uses it. It would be harder for squishier champions to play against (but no harder than it is currently), but easier for tanks (and thus make team fighting healthier). Dashing through it to deactivate it (blinking/flashing wouldn't count), would be a meaningful choice. Third thought: make windwall able to be deactivated by the impact of a certain number of abilities or autos. Much like a Yorick prison or sort of like a Braum shield. This would again reduce the team fighting impact of windwall but still make windwall hard to deal with in laning phase or smaller skirmishes. The downside for mages becomes fairly obvious. Fourth thought: give Yasuo mana. Keep the cost of his q and e low as they're supposed to be spammed anyway (and he'd hardly be there first champion with mana that wants to spam). But put a high mana cost on his w. This would result in more meaningful choices about when to use it. And since the mana regen nerfs he'd have to slow down his spam somewhat. He could build towards Muramana but that would mean actually delaying his power spike which would be healthier. This probably results in builds I've not thought about, but I still think it's an interesting direction and he has more meaningful build choices to make. If it was desired to keep Yasuo from building mana items or it was thought that mana restricted him too much then energy could be tried (personally I'd like to see all champions have some sort of a resource to manage but I digress). Fifth thought: take away Yasuo's doubled crit chance. I understand Riot may want to keep this as it is almost a unique thing (Tyrndamere comes close to the same thing) but it would force more meaningful choices of build if he didn't cap crit after two items. This would again force him to buy crit if he wants crit and keep him from stacking items like Sterak's Gage, Guardian Angel, and Frozen Mallet without having to sacrifice crit items or life steal. I think all of these have potential and would like to hear other people's thoughts on these or other possible changes. My personal choice would be both 4 and 2. Please keep discussion limited to changes as I don't think Rito would consider deleting the champion. Please keep this respectful and maybe if the stars line up it'll get seen by someone before it is dismissed. Adding poll on options.
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