As someone that criticized Riot for the past few seasons..

I actually like that you asked the players about the next reworks. Sure, some people will get fluffed by the changes, that won't change but at least they'll know the community had a hand in it when they feel like grieving. Also I noticed there's less toxicity these days for whatever reasons. Maybe the fact that the new champs weren't so stupidly OP recently or maybe on that end it's just that there's plenty of OPs that they cancel each other out idk, I also feel like people use the mute more often now, all in all whatever you're doing seems to be working. The missions which allow for plenty of random champ shards via event tokens also took the frustration out of some of us had with grinding I'd assume, I wasn't one of them since I only play like 6 champs but I still enjoyed the freebies nonetheless. In conclusion I didn't enjoy LoL as much as I have recently since a very long time so thank you for restoring my faith in you, also f@ck you very much for taking forever to get to this point lol like srsly. Ok, peace.
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