Thats it!!! Im taking a break! Fix your match making!

Just... It's finally too much! EVERY GAME for the past 8 days has been a one sided STOMP! Win or lose! It's NOT fun, It's NOT innovative, I DON'T feel like I'm out playing or being out played, I CERTAINLY don't feel like giving Riot any money! EVERY game has been INSANLY one sided, usually decided by whos trolling what team, Or which side has the smurf going legendary with no deaths at 12 mins! I started playing LoL 3 years ago and right now? It is NOT fun, It is NOT addictive. I'm done till next patch! STOP ignoring the big problems in the core game to focus on ugggg.. "E-SPORTS" and buffing you internal favorites who have been out of the meta for 2 weeks! You just lost 3 of your most famous streamers! And I'm starting to feel the same way! FIX YOUR GAME MAKING!

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