@Riot, Please consider bringing back some of the classic parts of League...

After season 4, the game slowly went on a decline in my eyes.. The game itself has changed so much since then. Hell, i wanna go back to the days where Ignite top was pretty meta.. Shyvana vs Renekton top. Classic shit right there.. Zed mid, split push late game, Top Jax that monster was banned so much.. The game will never be about solo carrying games again until "IMO" top lane is back to having a large impact as a carry role. Not this team fight bs role. I remember when every game wasn't tank/adc 5v5 mid in pro play.. Granted we had mid laners farm most the game with endless mana from bluebuff, i think id take that over what we have today lol. I remember when jungle was a pretty unique role for specific champions. The ones that had a good way to avoid wards to get to the lane they wanted to gank. Now we have blast cones and shit that just let pretty much every champ jungle (exaggerated, but point should be clear) solo q waas more than just 5v5 deathball as well, I remember fearing Nasus, Trynd, Jax, Fiora (before the time of her rework) split pushing to the nexus and winning games like that. Now if you tried to do that you just flat out lose.. Its almost impossible to pull that off anymore. The game isn't exciting in that way anymore. Its just deathball after deathball over and over. Why were poke comps removed? Varus mid, ezreal, nid spears, Ziggs, Xerath, Jayce. Idk al the reasons behind why they arn't good at poke anymore, aside from direct nerfs. There is baron buff that makes poking less viable. (baron was changed and pretty much makes ap poke useless) healing is pretty insane.. Redbuff is like a mini warmogs late game. Jesus even if you lose a lot of HP you can regen super fast with that thing. I just feel like Riot is over-complicating everything, and having the reverse effect that they are looking for. They try to make things more difficult but instead everything becomes easier, champion diversity is lower, and player skill expression is punished. Bring back: poke comps, split pushers, sightstone, green wards. Remove "plants" - blast cones, gushers plant, vision sweep. Remove the magical entrances that only your team can enter and leave at your base. Rework Dragon and baron, (i kind of like the balance of rift personally) Rework the jungle closer to that of season 4, (less gold/xp per camp but spawn faster) and get rid of these smite upgrades.. Redsmite is and has always been overpowered in solo Q, and Green was obviously going to be the choice in pro play since it was released. -> Nerf crit items for adc, and give them alternative ways to be apart of the game other than building 70% crit asap. I remember when Banshees was a solid last item on ADC, beserker boots were more standard, and lifesteal was actually worth buying in more than just cases QSS is needed. League has become far more complicated than it needs to be. Bring back some simplicity to the game and let the champions and players make each game unique instead of adding all these mini games inside the ol' League of Legends. I think it would be really cool if Riot decided to do some backtracking back to their roots, before they decided to start changing it drastically. I'm not going to get into runes, even though its another thing that once again has the opposite effect that they were going for. (imo) I just think they need to stop changing the game so much. StarCraft 1 was fun for 20 years and they didn't need to change the game to do it.. League of Legends is fun, and you don't need to keep altering the game to make it fun.
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