How is Riven balanced?

This patch she has a 54% winrate 14.7% pickrate (most picked champ top) One of the best lvl 1s in the game, strong early and scales well lategame, manaless. When she gets {{item:3812}} she turns into a tank, god forbid she gets {{item:3026}}. She can build non lethality items and flash oneshots you while you're still stunned. Champ is absolute AIDs to play against, it feels like she has all the options and if they know the champ they autowin. Not to mention those ridiculous 500 hp shields every other second that get reuced even more with {{item:3161}} . This champ was straight up designed not to have a weakness. Oh wait my bad I gotta complain about {{champion:266}} /{{champion:84}}/{{champion:39}} instead of the true soloQ cancer {{champion:8}}/{{champion:92}} /{{champion:24}} Edit:LMAO at riven onetricks mass downvoting all the posts, Riot is already considering nerfs HAHAHAHAHAHA
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