New Runes (patch 9.04)

Freljordian Wintershield of the Broodmother of Arrowmage Falls beneath the Summit of Mount Severus For every 500 points of magic damage you deal to the blue golem on the enemy side of the map you gain one iron ingot. Iron ingots give you 1 mr and fill up inventory space, but lower your movement speed by 3. If you have four iron ingots you can exchange them with the fire drake or with shyvana (if she is on your team and is at least level 7) to receive Nomads Helmet. Nomads Helmet gives you 10 armor +1 per level and has the unique passive ASSEMBLE. Assemble grants you bonus movement speed when recalling and gives you 2 copper shillings for every melee minion that dies within 250 range of your support. If you acquire 30 copper shillings you can trade them in with Thessalia in Varrock to receive a piece of silk. Doran will purchase your silk for 200g and will offer to travel to Windhelm to purchase a unique item. While Doran is traveling to Windhelm the store will be unavailable for 2 minutes but on his return he will give you a Crystal Dagger. Crystal Dagger works similar to the shop's traditional dagger and can be used as a component to other items but also has a unique active: SUNRISE SLUMBER. Sunrise Slumber gives you 10+00.13 p/game second Health Points Regen over 7.5 seconds (up to 14+0.12 hp regen over 5.2 seconds based on your bonus mana) and will make your snaring abilities last 50% longer if your target is above 75%hp and currently has a shield. I feel like this rune will be a good addition to the game because it offers a unique play-style for Junglers who like to invade in the early stages of the game. FWotBoAFbtSoMS creates high risk reward gameplay, and offers a unique way to scale into the late game by encouraging team interaction and communication. In all seriousness, these new runes are getting a little bit ridiculous.
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