Ahri is such a free lane right now

I don't play Ahri. Never have, aside from the maybe 10 games I played as her when she came out to see what her kit does. I don't care about Ahri. She doesn't fit my playstyle, and to be honest, I think her champion idea is fucking stupid. That said, there are plenty of Ahri mains out there who are probably pretty upset right now because their champion is straight garbage. Whenever I'm playing mid and the enemy picks Ahri, I just smile. Free lane. Easy game. I get to roam all I want, I get to CS all I want, I can basically just ignore her. Nothing about this champion is threatening. Her charm is one of the easiest skillshots in the game to dodge. Her Q does basically nothing if you don't let it hit you twice. Her W.... wait, she has a W? Oh... news to me. And her ult is basically worthless. I remember when Ahri was threatening. Back when she packed a bit of a punch, back when getting hit by her charm meant 50% of your HP or more, depending on the stage of the game. Now if I get hit by a charm (IF i get hit by a charm... which almost never happens because its such a slow moving telegraphed skill) I'm like "meh. Whatever. I'll dodge the next one." and I lose maybe like 15-20% of my health. The only time she ever kills me is when I'm going too aggro on her and she charms me while her jungler has me CC'd. And even then, its her jungler that kills me, not her. On the off chance that my team is dumb enough to feed a roaming Ahri a few kills, I get angry. Not because I'm going to lose the lane now, but because I have to actually try now. Now its like a regular 1v1 and I might actually have to watch my step. Whereas if some other mid lane champion roamed and got 2-3 kills, I'd just be boned. Not Ahri. Ahri roams and gets 2-3 kills, now she's just a contender. Now I can't be lazy about beating her ass, now I actually have to put some effort into it. This champion is straight dog shit. Put her on the buff list.

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