Why is Cho'gath W still a long silence

Garen? I get it, it's his staple thing from the start of the game being made. Soraka? Not too bad, doesn't last long if you just step out of it. Cho'gath? Why the heck is Cho'gath W still a silence when all other silences have been removed. You can't dodge it unless he's braindead, and it basically gurantees his Q followup. Also, why is his Q a 1 knockup (or something along those lines) while also being a massive slow, while his E also slows? Every game I play as this champ, I seem to just roll my lane even when I'm going up against grandmaster players who tried to counter pick, you know because all this game is anymore is counterpicks in the champion select. He's a super unhealthy champion for the game, and there's a reason that there are two/three cho'gath one tricks in challenger right now. It's almost like the champ takes minimal effort, has little counterplay, and is overstat as all heck. Why have you not addressed this champ, but you're finally addressing garen after a couple of years? Am I waiting for some pro player to stop listening to his stupid coach and become woke and abuse cho in pro play? I'm waiting to see that happen so you announce a mini rework that ruins the champion too a week later. Either remove the silence, or lower his AP ratios by a ton. Getting one shot by a champion who has 4k health is not healthy for the game. Edit: I've been playing this game since season 2. I'm not saying Cho'gath is the most op thing around, I'm saying Cho'gath is just too strong right now considering how hard he shuts down casters when he can go full ap and just chip you away with his W (that becomes a 2 second silence btw.) Idk if you guys have played Cho mid but you max W first so you don't have to rely on the shitty skillshot. Like I said before, there's a reason there's a chunk of challenger one tricks right now that only play chogath. One of them plays Chogath adc ffs. For those " big brain players " Cho'gath W 75 / 125 / 175 / 225 / 275 (+ 70% AP) with 1.6 to 2 second silence. His AP scaling overall are too high, but I'm sure you can wiki his stats.
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