It's really easy to game the Clash system

Would have posted this in Clash, but as that is all LFG right now, I figured it would be best to post here. So, in my experience a team of: D4, P3, S1, S1, S1= Tier IV P3, P3, G4, S1, S1= Tier IV All Gold= Tier IV All Silver=Tier IV etc. What I'm saying (and what I am seeing too) is people putting Diamonds or High Plats on a tier iv team, putting them in a carry position, and then reaping the free rewards because honestly, they have a massive advantage with a shotcaller who has better macro than everyone they will be going against. I believe this is something that should be looked at further, because it is a rather ineffective way of matchmaking. Perhaps installing the two division rule that solo/duo and flex has would be best for future Clash games. What do yall think?
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