Garen has always just been "worse" Darius, can we fix that?

Every other Juggernaut has their niche, yet Garen's entire "niche" relies on a gimmick that should have never been put into his kit to begin with. There's literally no reason to pick him over any other Juggernaut when you could just pick Darius, or hell, even Mordekaiser. He's a VERY binary champion with no real niche and ways to outplay or be outplayed and it's really showing in how historically he's always been a just a noob champion everyone just drops once they figure out the game. He NEEDS something to make him a desirable pick, and with the new Demacia Lore update I feel there's already a pretty good thematic niche to explore with him. "ANTI MAGE Juggernaut" Demacia's entire lore is riddled with Demacians despising magic and being extremely good at containing it and destroying it, so why don't we make Garen just the Juggernaut you'd pick against heavy AP teams? He already has a silence that's better against mages than AD champions so why don't we try and shape him to be more effective dealing with magic damage dealers? He does wear Demacian armour, forged with Petricite so it's only logical he'd have more Magic-countering abilities. _____________________________________ Hell, we could just scrap his passive and give him an actual combat bonus: ->Make him take 75% of incoming magic damage directly and the remaining 25% as a DoT over some seconds while giving him a soft heal of 2% max hp over 2 seconds? Or make his ultimate purge the magic from his enemies, making him just better at taking them down? I dunno, just throwing around ideas here, I just feel for Garen to ever be a good champion he needs to become less binary and get a proper niche! Maybe we could get a SECOND Juggernaut class update to fix up the rest of them who are struggling.
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