How would people feel if we remove items that give ADCs their AoE?

By that I mean {{item:3087}} {{item:3085}} and before you go downvoting me, hear me out. IMO I think that in general, an ADC's identity is strong single target DPS. They ARE the best at taking objectives as they should be. By having this added AoE to cover their weakness with obvious abuse cases, you make them over bearing. It also provides a much larger variety identity to the roster that would come out of this and much more decision making in champ select instead of just picking the best ADC. For example: Need waveclear? {{champion:15}} {{champion:222}} Need team fight AoE? {{champion:104}} {{champion:498}} {{champion:21}} Need Poke? {{champion:22}} {{champion:110}} etc. Although I do know that they already have this strength, their niche becomes even more highlighted with the removal of these AoE items. We could also rework {{champion:429}} who abused Hurricane so that her ghosts act as a mini hurricane providing counterplay (kill the ghosts to reduce her teamfight damage considerably) My final arguement for this change is that it frees up the bot lane a bit more (not by much). We could see the return of ziggs with his AoE that ADCs now lose etc. ofc we can buff the ADCs who used these items and would go in the trash upon their removals or create a some new crit items but this post is just my opinion so let's have a meaningful discussion instead of downvoting it to the abyss.
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